San Nicola Arcella & Arcomagno

San Nicola Arcella on the Riviera dei Cedri with the beautiful Arcomagno beach (or Arco Magno),
consisting of an opening in the rock in which the sea insinuates itself into a small sandy bay.







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San Nicola Arcella, situato nel Golfo di Policastro

San Nicola Arcella, located in the Gulf of Policastro, is a small Calabrian town with less than 2000 inhabitants located on the Alto Tirreno Cosentino, along the Riviera dei Cedri. m. s.l.m., at the foot of which there is a bay enclosed by a rocky arm that gives it the shape of a natural harbor.

Torre Saracena di Crawford

This place fell in love with the American writer, Lord Francis Marion Crawford, who in the company of his wife and a sailor, ventured into the exploration of the coasts of southern Italy. He stopped to stay in a Saracen Tower of Crawford , located right on the bay, from here he drew inspiration for his stories, some of which were set in the streets of the village of San Nicola Arcella.

tra Praia a Mare e Scalea

San Nicola Arcella overlooking the Tyrrhenian waters between Praia a Mare and Scalea , boasts a beautiful stretch of coast with a beach of undoubted charm, characterized by a very wide gray sand coast and hundreds of meters long, bathed by a beautiful crystalline sea between turquoise and blue and with sloping bottoms, perfect for swimming enthusiasts. The beach is bordered by low cliffs and behind the Pollino and the Cingolo shelter it from the winds.

straordinario arco naturale denominato Arcomagno

The town is so named for the extraordinary natural arch created in the hard rock, probably carved by the sea, thus opening the way to a small beach, which is a small paradise. What appears is an enchanting scenery, a silent, hidden and isolated beach, where the frame of the Arcomagno (or Arco Magno ) opens the only window on the sea. All around there is only the living rock, which on one side opens up to the Arcomagno cave (or Arco Magno) which has a source of fresh water inside, and in front of the beautiful sea where diving is always very pleasant in the heat summer days.

Le dimensioni dell’arco consentono a piccole imbarcazioni di raggiungere la spiaggia

The dimensions of the arch allow small boats to reach the beach directly from the sea, but the area can also be reached on foot, along a path carved into the rock wall, immediately behind the beach. Along the way you can enjoy an enchanting landscape, from here you can see the whole coast, the nearby Praia a Mare, with its bays, and the ravines, including the Island of Dino which offers an enchanting landscape.

scogliere di granito

The granite cliffs fall directly into the sea, on the same there are some reserved natural solariums, where you can enjoy the sea and the sun in complete tranquility, perhaps accompanied by a sweet melody that comes from the foamy sprays of the undulating motion of the sea that crash against the rocks.
The walk to reach the Arcomagno (or Arco Magno) is pleasant, surrounded by greenery, between the scent of the sea and that of the vegetation, but without even walking too much

Belle e lunghe distese di sabbia scura

Beautiful and long stretches of dark sand are there ready to welcome us for a pleasant tan and a few refreshing and regenerating baths in a crystalline sea, enclosed between the cliffs of San Nicola Arcella. Although the beach is well equipped and organized, it retains all its wild charm. Once at the beach, it is worth a visit to the historic center of San Nicola Arcella, to admire the Prince's Palace.