Scalea - The city of 4 doors

Heir to the Greek-Lucan city of Laos and the Roman Lavinium, Scalea is one of the oldest cities in Calabria







Starting in the 1960s, the houses that made up the core of the old village were gradually abandoned and the inhabitants began to build new buildings occupying the area close to the coast.
Scalea today is a renowned tourist center that every summer attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. The crystal clear sea and beautiful beaches, together with a rich offer of recreational activities and beach and water sports, have contributed to making it a very popular holiday destination.

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Isola Dino Praia a Mare

Up on the hill, reachable by a series of steps, is its beautiful historic center, of Paleolithic origin, where you can admire the remains of ancient walls and suggestive narrow and winding alleys.
Scalea is one of the oldest cities in Calabria, located between the hills and the valley of the Lao river south of Praia a Mare in the upper Tyrrhenian Sea of ​​Cosenza.
The historic center is dominated by the ruins of the Norman Castle of the eleventh century, which was built by the Normans on the site of a Lombard fortress. In 1250 Ruggiero di Loria was born here and became a great admiral of the Angevin and Aragonese fleet; his deeds and his strong personality also struck the imagination of Boccaccio who in the Decameron recalls his figure and his native town. For years, the castle was the home of many feudal lords, including Guglielmo d’Altavilla. At the end of the 18th century it was abandoned and soon fell into disrepair. Of the Castle, rebuilt in the Angevin and Aragonese epochs, the ruins of the turrets, the bulwarks and the central keep remain.

Grotta Azzurra Praia a Mare

The Valle del Lao Oriented Nature Reserve is the area between the municipality of Viggianello and the mouth of the river in the Tyrrhenian Sea, between Scalea and Santa Maria del Cedro. A spectacular and beautiful valley, between gorges and woods, which includes the entire course of the river (and its tributaries), which originates in the Lucanian area of the Pollino Park, at over 2,000 meters with the name of Mercure, and resurfaces, after a long underground path in Calabria, creating one of the most enchanting valleys in Southern Italy.
It is a perfect destination in all seasons, because it offers different types of "holidays".
You can choose the river one, having fun with all the activities related to the river, such as rafting in the Lao gorges (there is also one for families, suitable for children aged 4 and up), bike itineraries or simply swimming in the its crystal clear waters

Località Fiuzzi Praia a Mare

The Talao Tower is the symbol of the city and is located on a promontory from which it seems to dominate the entire coast.
The rock on which it stands was once a small island whose caves were inhabited in prehistoric times.
The Tower was part of a sighting system created along the entire coast to defend against Turkish raids.
From the terrace at the top of the tower you can enjoy an incredible panorama, which embraces the very long beach that goes from the Ajnella cliff to the island of Cirella.
According to Homer, the rock of Torre Talao saw the passage of Aeneas and Ulysses and just near the tower, Dragone, the companion of Ulysses, died.